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PCAT Math Boot Camp – December 2019
What math do you need to know for the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section? The section is comprised of 48 questions covering different areas of math you’ve picked up in high school and college. If you’re feeling a little rusty in some areas, or simply want an overall review, get a crash course in PCAT math READ MORE
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PCAT Logs, Units, & Graphs – September 2018
Quantitative Reasoning is one of the PCAT’s five sections covering a broad spectrum of mathematical concepts. Phil Hawkin’s, one of Next Step Test Preparation’s most experienced instructors, reviewed logarithms, units, graphs, and data interpretation as they pertain to the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section. Students were able to ask their questions in real time during this READ MORE
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June PCAT Public Office Hours – Logarithms, Units, and Graphs
Unfortunately, the PCAT does involve mathematics; there’s a whole section dedicated to it. While some find the math on the exam simple, many find certain aspects of it more difficult. This live-online review covered logarithms, units, and graphs as they pertain to the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step Test Prep’s READ MORE
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PCAT Public Office Hours – Quantitative Reasoning
This Public Office Hours webinar session was run by Sophia Stone, Next Step’s PCAT Content Manager. During this session, Sophia discussed the difficult Quantitative Reasoning section of the exam. Beginning with some warm-up problems that included thorough explanations, Sophia led attendees through a discussion of some high-yield quantitative topics during this interactive webinar session including: READ MORE