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Identifying Methodological Flaws in Studies
One of the things that really surprises students about the MCAT is the heavy focus on how experiments are set up and ran. This can really catch a student off-guard, as most undergrad courses don’t really emphasize this. But from the point of view of the AAMC, it’s obvious that they want to test this. In order to be a good doctor, you need to be able to understand the quickly changing research that is coming from our more... READ MORE
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Organic Chemistry on the MCAT – Focus on the Fundamentals
Organic chemistry is one of the most common subjects that students identify as a source of anxiety when preparing for the MCAT. However, on average, it will only comprise ~5% of the test: 15% of the Chemical and Physical Foundations section, 5% of the Biological and Biochemical Foundations Section, and 0% of the remaining two READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry Question — Alcohol Reactions
Considering all “-R” groups to be alkyl groups, which alcohol is most reactive in an SN1 reaction with HCl? a) primary alcohol b) secondary alcohol c) tertiary alcohol d) number of substituent groups does not affect alcohol reactivity   READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry – Ketones
Which of the following is true concerning the reduction of a ketone? A) If carried out using NaBH4, it will result in the formation of a tertiary alcohol. B) It cannot be accomplished using LiAlH4 without first hydrolyzing the ketone. C) If carried out using LiAlH4 and workup in acid, it will result in the READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry Question — Hydrogen Bonds
Which compound can form hydrogen bonds? I. R-NH2 II. R-COOH III. CH4 A) I only B) II only C) III only D) I and II READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry – Molecules
  The two molecules above can best be described as: A) Structural isomers B) Diastereomers C) Enantiomers D) Conformational isomers READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry Question — Chromatography
A thin layer chromatography is performed on both the reactants and products of a reaction. It is found that the products have an Rf value that is significantly higher than the reactants. Which of the following could adequately describe this reaction: A) SN2 reaction converting an alkyl bromide to an alkyl chloride B) Addition reaction READ MORE
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MCAT Organic Chemistry Questions — Protein Structure
A β-sheet, along with an α-helix, refers to secondary protein structure. a) primary structure b) secondary structure c) tertiary structure d) quaternary structure   READ MORE