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Advisor Office Hours – Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
Dr. Anthony LaFond, one of our course instructors and a senior content developer, delves into the Biological and Biochemical Foundations section of the MCAT exam. He will give a brief overview of the section before discussing what subjects are tested. He will also highlight the pre-med classes your students will need to take to help READ MORE
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Advisor Office Hours: The Revised MCAT – Two Years In
Bryan Schnedeker, Next Step’s Vice President for MCAT Content, discusses what we’ve learned about the revised MCAT over its first two years. The revised MCAT is a huge challenge for pre-meds and a powerful tool for admissions committees, but has it lived up to the AAMC’s goals? During this short webinar, Bryan shares the insights READ MORE
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Webinar Recording: Five most common interview mistakes premeds make
Your interview is an important piece of your med school application. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and nervous come interview day, which in turn increases the chance of making a detrimental mistake. Next Step partnered with Ryan Gray of Medical School Headquarters to bring you this webinar on the five most common med READ MORE
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Med School Selection and Application Strategies
While you may be excited to be finished with the MCAT, your journey is just beginning. Dr. Ryan Gray of Medical School Headquarters discusses how to select which medical schools to apply to and some application strategies in this webinar. Dr. Gray notes that picking schools to apply to seems to be the most difficult READ MORE