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Your Personal Statement: How to Make an Impact
by Rich Carriero There’s no denying that GPA and test scores are the most critical elements to being considered for admission to a graduate program or business school.  But once your grades and GRE/GMAT scores are in the competitive range and you have an admissions committee’s attention, the personal statement is one of the key READ MORE
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Retaking the GMAT? Major Considerations For Any Retake
The GMAT is a difficult exam and you may not get the score you want on the first try. If you’re thinking about a retake, there are a lot of factors you should be considering. This webinar discusses 6 of the major factors you should consider before retaking the exam. Rich Carriero, one of our READ MORE
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4 Key Traits Top MBA Schools Look for in an Applicant
by Hannah Smith Getting into a top business school can result in great payoffs after graduation. Promotions, salary raises, an expanded network, new opportunities, and a completely different skillset are all benefits of getting your MBA. But getting into top programs is hard. Acceptance rates at these top schools can be very low; it’s only READ MORE
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