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Your Final Week of February LSAT Prep is All About Primping

Valentine’s Day may still be more than a week away, but if you have a date with the February LSAT this Saturday, it’s time to start primping.

No number of roses will help you seduce the LSAT. But there are many other things you’ll need to bring if you want to stand a chance. Carefully read the LSAC list of items needed for admission to the LSAT testing center and start getting everything together. Most notably, you need to attach a passport-style photo to your February LSAT testing center admission ticket; the LSAC wants to have something to remember you by. The LSAC is picky about photos; follow the LSAT testing center admission ticket photo requirements to the letter. If you’re missing any of the required items, LSAC will have no compunction about kicking you to the curb.

If you get cold feet before a date, you’re not the first, but it’s rude to cancel at the last minute. The LSAT will let you get away with it up until the night before; you can go online and withdraw your February LSAT registration up until 11:59 p.m. EST Friday. Pulling out is an effective method of LSAT score control; you won’t get any money back but your record will be wiped clean, leaving no trace that you were registered for the February LSAT. If you stay registered but stand the LSAT up, you’ll be marked absent.

It’s embarrassing to get lost on a date. Sometime this week, check out your LSAT test center. How will you get there? If you’re driving, where will you park? The LSAT doesn’t abide latecomers, so get it together.

Finally, you’d better be mentally prepared. If you’re too nervous, you’ll hurt your chances of success. For the next couple of days, you should be doing timed LSAT sections and especially full LSAT practice tests, with an emphasis on review and fine tuning. But don’t overdo it. It’s equally important that you get good sleep and some exercise. The day before the LSAT, don’t touch a single LSAT question. Do your best to get your mind off of what’s coming up Saturday. It doesn’t come off very well if you’re too obsessed going into a date.

With good preparation and a little luck, you can take the LSAT all the way and achieve results exceeding your wildest dreams.

Heck, play your cards right, and you might even get lucky.