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You Got This: How to Get Prepared for the Big Day Tomorrow


You’ve (almost) made it. Tomorrow’s the big day. The day you’ve been dreading looking forward to since you plodded through your first logic game. But whether you’re an anxious test-taker or an adrenaline junkie who lives for the thrill of the challenge, it’s only one more sleep until the September LSAT. Hey, don’t make that face! C’mon with me, we’re gonna walk through how to make it through today together.

1. Prepare — but not in the way you’re thinking

Sometimes the best way to get settled before a big event is to make sure that all of the details are taken care of. So rather than spending today trying to cram conditional language, make sure you spend some time gathering your physical materials for the test. Even though the test has gone digital, there are still some meatspace items you’re going to want to bring with you, all neatly packed into a clear Ziploc bag. LSAC has a list at their website, which I’ve helpfully editorialized:

Valid ID (Leave your fake at home, c’mon now)
Ticket (Yes, you have to print it out. Physically. On paper. If you don’t have a printer because it’s 2019 and who has a printer, you can go to a FedEx store and get it done there)
Keys or car-key fob (LSAC wants you to know they can’t include any USB drives as if we still store data on physical devices.)
Feminine hygiene or medical products (Yep, also in the clear Ziploc bag. Nobody’s happy about this.)
No. 2 or HB pencils (Yes, for real. Not mechanical, either. If normal office supply stores don’t have them — because, again, it’s 2019 and who lives like this — an art supply store likely will.)
An eraser (Because the erasers that come with wood #2 pencils are notoriously terrible and you’ll want a functioning eraser. Even Mary Poppins was only practically perfect in every way — we all make mistakes, and erasing is tidier than scribbling out errors.)
A pencil sharpener (Ditto the note on pencils above — office supply store, art supply store, or, of course, your very own Blueprint preparedness pack.)
Beverage in plastic container or juice box (maximum size: 20 oz/591 ml) and snack for break only. Aluminum cans are not permitted (Geez, food police. I say take the opportunity to drink a juice box as an adult. Why not — live your life. Maybe balance it out with something protein-heavy like trail mix so you don’t end up crashing out of a sugar high.)

There’s also some things that you should avoid bringing — number one on that list being a phone — but that doesn’t take nearly as much day-before prep.

2. Start a (small, easy, non-LSAT-related) project

You’ve prepared for the content of the exam, but have you mentally prepared yourself? By that I mean: Is your head in the right place? You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by spending today not twisting yourself into knots. So do something fun, something that’ll get your nose out of your books. Some people recommend exercise. Others, meditation. Personally, I’m more likely to pull out a pair of knitting needles or reorganize my bookshelves or try a new recipe.

Taking on a little project that’ll keep your head and hands busy, but won’t stress you out too much, is a great way to spend today not stressing about tomorrow.

3. Get your gameface on

It’s time to bust out that 80s power-ballad playlist. You’ve done the prep work. Now it’s time to get your confidence up because tomorrow is your day and ain’t nobody gonna take that away from you. Now, get off of this LSAT blog! I don’t want to see you ’round here until at least Saturday afternoon, when the post-test anxiety begins.