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    You’ve struggled, studied, and burned the midnight oil. You’ve laughed at the absurdity of question after question, passage after passage. You pumped your fist in triumph over a great practice score increase, and you’ve cried (admit it) when you’ve seen your score stagnate or worse. All that is past. This weekend is your last to pack in a little bit more studying, maybe one more practice exam, and then, on Monday:

    THE JUNE 2016 LSAT!

    It won’t be easy. It won’t be fun. It probably won’t be pretty, but you’ll be taking the first step on the kind-of-long-but-not-really-that-long journey to being a lawyer. Whether you plan on helping the helpless, clawing your way to the top of a biglaw firm, being a professor, or just pinning two fancy letters after your name, it’s worth it, and Monday is the day to sink your teeth into that glorious future.

    Take this weekend to tie off the ends — review best practices, work on timing and endurance, nail down your test taking strategy so that it’s cold — but also take this weekend to put yourself in the right place mentally. Just like everything in the legal world, taking the LSAT takes confidence and tenacity. Believing you can succeed — scratch that, believing you will succeed — is a necessary element of success, and there’s no downside to believing in yourself.

    Your friendly friends at Blueprint are here for you. We love the heck out of our students and want to see you succeed. So, please check in here after you get done on Monday. We’ll have an instant recap/message board for you to share your experiences with your fellow LSAT takers.

    Now, without further ado, Survivor’s The Eye of the Tiger, and Katy Perry’s Roar, which shamelessly ripped off Survivor. (You are required to shadowbox as you play them.)



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