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You are not (entirely) an LSAT score.


A few weeks ago, we published a post about Wake Forest’s attempt to start admitting students with GRE scores instead of LSAT scores. At the time, the motives behind the effort seemed at least somewhat suspect. Law schools are ranked, in large part, according to the LSAT scores of their admitted students, so by padding out their numbers with GRE-takers, a school could be more selective among its LSAT applicants, thus improving their numbers and climbing the rankings.

Now, WF is in the news again, and they’re once again showing their true, quantitative colors. A story in Above the Law reported that the school sent out an email addressed to “JD Prospects 161 and Above,” encouraging them to apply and waiving their fee.

Some took umbrage with the email’s bluntness. Apparently, if you’re a 162, WF wants you to be your friend real bad. If you got a 160, you maybe can come to their party, but you better bring some booze.

Of course, the difference, in terms of aptitude and law school readiness, between someone who scored a 160 and a 162 is well within the margin of error, so WF’s LSAT-only focus is disheartening.

The LSAT, and the importance placed on it by rankings-conscious law schools, has a way of reducing applicants to mere numbers. But you’re not just a number. You’re not FN-2187, you’re… [SPOILER] Finn! Okay!? You’re a person, not just a number. Now go ahead and seamlessly transition into being a hero, even though you’ve been socialized your whole life to be the anonymous servant of a ruthless, authoritarian regime. All it takes is a fun new name and a dead guy’s cool jacket!

I’m losing the thread, but the point is that you, as an applicant and a person, are more than just your LSAT score. Your application will also include your GPA, personal statement, letters of rec, which (along with your LSAT score) collectively speak to your qualifications and drive.

So schools like WF can play the numbers games, but maybe you should give a preference to schools that take a more holistic look at applicants. Some people might see you as just another Stormtrooper, but you’re so much more.