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Win a Gold Medal, become a Lawyer: Law and the Olympics


If you ever feel bad that you’re going to law school as a simple extension of getting a relatively useless liberal arts degree, console yourself with the fact that plenty of Olympic athletes are joining or have joined you.

Olympian lawyers run the gamut from pseudo-sports like biathlon, curling, and race-walking to real sports like triathlon. No doubt their Olympic training has prepared them well for the trials and tribulations of litigation. If you’re looking for analogies:

Being a lawyer is like being an Olympic curler: appear to be concentrating really hard while, to all appearances, doing very little.

Being a lawyer is like participating in the biathlon: unending toil followed by mere moments of excitement followed by more unending toil.

Being a lawyer is like participating in a race-walk: if you end up successful, you still have to remind yourself that you haven’t really done anything.

So there you have it. Go forth and ski. There are many paths to the billable hour.