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Why you absolutely should not take a weekend LSAT crash-course

I was inspired to write this post by a discussion I had with some non-LSAT folks. The subject was things you do for money versus things you do because they’re great for the people you serve.

LSAT weekend-long courses are things prep companies do because they make money.

For those of you unfamiliar, for roughly $500, many companies would be glad to teach you the entire LSAT in 2 working days. Some are generous enough to do a 2-weekend course. Please note — we’re only talking here about courses that last only one or two weekends. Full-length 2-3 month courses that meet every week on the weekends are a different story.

Here’s why you shouldn’t consider taking a weekend LSAT class (ever).

  • It takes longer than 2 days to teach you anything non-elementary on the LSAT. Sure, you’ll learn things starting with how many sections are on the LSAT, etc. The value of having great instruction increases the more you know about the test. Just get a book to learn the basics.
  • You need time to practice between sessions. It’s critical that students have time to practice what they’ve learned before advancing to more complicated concepts. If your class meets every week you can do this; if the advanced lesson is 5 minutes after the basics, you won’t get much out of it.
  • Your brain cannot process LSAT for 10 straight hours. Or maybe I’m just dumb. But LSAT material is really complicated, and it’s going to melt your brain to be try to learn for 10 straight hours. Anyone who has ever been in even a 3-hour LSAT course knows that it’s pretty taxing towards the end (yes, often more wearing than taking the 5-hour exam because adrenaline doesn’t kick in).
  • There are better online options. 10 years ago, companies would send instructors out from the big city, and often this was the only live instruction available in smaller markets. Now this is not the case. While online options vary significantly in quality, if there’s nothing in your area an online option is better than a weekend LSAT course. Like our online LSAT tutoring that guarantees a 3+ year LSAT prep veteran for the same price as a prep course.
  • Please don’t tell me you are just trying to cram. If you’re taking this course because the test is in a week or 2 days is all you have allotted to study, just move your test date back. You’re not going to get your best score unless you’re already an LSAT genius, in which case you should be teaching the class.

Please — the LSAT is important. It deserves more than a weekend cram session.

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