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Why I Used An Online LSAT Prep Course

With our Online Course Sale in full swing, I thought I’d take a second to talk about why I used it when I took the LSAT.

It wasn’t (only) because I’m a Blueprint employee/internet czar. The main reason I took Blueprint’s LSAT online course is because I work all day, and the 8½ hour chunks my job takes out of my life limited how much time I could commit to my studies. I’m also pretty active outside of work – I write every day, have a couple of hobbies, and even enjoy sitting on my couch doing nothing every once in a while – which further restricted my study hours. In addition to taking up time in a general sense, all of that stuff limited the exact blocks of time I could devote to studying. I knew I could allot at least 10 hours per week to the LSAT, but I couldn’t guarantee that it was the same 10 hours every week. Because of all that, the flexibility of the online course was perfect for me. I could squeeze in a lesson video during lunch or pop off a few Logic Games after work, rather than sectioning off the same 4 hours every few days like a classroom course requires.

The other big reason the online course worked well for me is that I didn’t feel I needed to study all of the LSAT sections equally. On my diagnostic exam I missed 13 questions on Logic Games and only 2 on Reading Comprehension (1.77 million words of Ice and Fire really paid off). So with my limited study hours in mind, I felt that I should really focus on Games and skip Reading Comp altogether. This more or less paid off on exam day; I scored perfectly on Reading Comp and only missed 7 questions on Logic Games. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend everyone study exactly how I did; with more time and focus I definitely could have juiced that LG score even more. But considering the limitations I was under, the online course helped me a lot.

Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.

I also preferred the video lessons to studying with a book. It was helpful to have a person explaining the logic and building the diagrams. If Logic Games were easy to understand just by reading, I wouldn’t need to study in the first place; it’d all be on the test page in front of me.

It may not work for everyone, but I certainly found Blueprint’s online course to be extremely helpful. If you think it might work for you, I’d encourage you to take our free tour. Don’t forget that if you sign up by this Monday (4/13) you can save 20% using the discount code ONLINE20.