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Which Field of Law Is Right for You? LSAC Will Tell You


The LSAC updated its site with new features to help prospective law students learn about their legal career options. I think the highlight of LSAC’s new features is easily their BuzzFeed-style quiz, where instead of revealing Which Famous Chris is Your Soulmate? or What % Millenial Are You?, LSAC claims their quiz will tell you what field of law is right for you. As an aspiring lawyer, I took the LSAC legal career quiz and I’m ready to tell you about it.

One bit of praise I can give the LSAC quiz is that the results don’t spit out a random, specific career option, like “billboard traffic ticket lawyer.” It instead gives you a relative score in each of eleven general legal fields. In that way, it’s closer to some of the more official career aptitude tests out there.

That’s where the LSAC’s serious analysis of your future ends and the ridiculous quiz questions begin. Some of the questions read like a space alien studied humans and wrote these questions without considering that some aspects of human life are more important than others. My favorites of these questions are the ones starting “I really hate…” and “Money is for…”


There are also a number of questions which suggest the test creators were struggling to find relatable answer choices for fields like tax law. “What’s your favorite day of the year if you’re a kid who likes tax law?” you can imagine them asking. Answer: the filing deadline for federal income tax, of course!


I was also a little concerned about whether law school (and a law career) was really the best path for someone selecting the more oddball answer choices. My own LSAC quiz scored me highest in the “International Law” and “Family Law” categories, but I didn’t feel I had much to go on, since I scored similarly across many of the other categories of law as well.

This made me wonder which type of law LSAC thought was most suited to someone who was selecting the answers that were much different from the answers any law student I knew would select. What career path would LSAC choose for someone who picked answers like: “College should be…the classes you go to between sporting events” and “One of my favorite websites is…TMZ”? Sports Law, apparently, but is this answer really fair to lawyers working on the contracts and antitrust issues that fall under Sports Law?

How helpful and accurate is the LSAC quiz, really? You’ve heard my take — now give it a try for yourself and judge how well the quiz picks a law career for you.