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Where will you get into law school?

When students are putting together their potential law school lists, one thing they all need is admissions data — average and ranged LSAT and GPA’s. While this data is available on almost all law schools’ individual sites, there’s a much, much faster way.

In this quick video, we go over the one site that not only has all that data but that also reveals your statistical shot of getting in to every ABA-approved school in the country.

By the way, a lot of students also seem to use This site compiles user data on admissions. It seems to be really good data, with two key caveats. First, it’s heavily tilted towards the top-ranked schools. Secondly, as with anything user-submitted on the internet, exaggeration of fabrication is bound to occur. (I found one well-qualified student who is a former President and received a $1,000,000 scholarship! Blatantly false info is rare, but you never do know).

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