When to Expect Your June LSAT Score (Realistically)

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    The dust has finally settled, and students who took the June LSAT have stopped hyperventilating. Now everyone is asking the same question: How could Ridley Scott have stooped so low as to simply re-make Alien and get everyone to believe that it’s a completely new film?

    Actually, June LSAT students (even those deeply concerned with the state of modern cinema) are also wondering when they might reasonably expect to receive their LSAT scores. Predictions can be wildly speculative, and recent LSAT score experience has shown that long-term trends should not be expected to continue indefinitely. The trend I’m referring to, of course, is LSAC’s much-discussed practice of releasing LSAT scores several days before the official release date.

    Until February 2012, LSAC had released LSAT scores at least two days prior to the official LSAT score release date for every test administration in the past seven years. For the June 2012 LSAT, LSAC estimates LSAT scores will be released on July 6; this would mean an anticipated release date of Wednesday, July 4, at the latest. However, LSAC redefined ‘painful suspense’ in February by releasing those poor students’ LSAT scores a mere 24 hours prior to the official release date. I can only imagine how those students’ eyes must have felt after staring at their inboxes (⌘R… ⌘R…⌘R…) for those last few days before their LSAT scores were released.

    So when should you expect your June 2012 LSAT score to be released? You might start casually checking your e-mail inbox on Tuesday, July 2. Get a little bit more serious on Wednesday, and go ahead and let your obsession take hold on Thursday morning. And remember, LSAC releases batches of LSAT scores randomly at different times of the day, starting in the early afternoon and ending later at night. So if you get word of LSAT scores being released, feel free to check your inbox in an uncontrolled panic, but don’t think they forgot all about you if after a few hours you still haven’t gotten your LSAT score.

    For now, enjoy the start of summer. The more you obsess and worry over your June LSAT score, the longer the wait will feel.


    Thanks to Chris for pointing out that, as Thursday Wednesday (thanks Julie) is a national holiday, LSAC will not be releasing scores on that day. If by Thursday Wednesday morning you haven’t received your scores, go ahead and take a deep breath: you can relax for 24 hours before its time to start freaking out again. My highly speculative prediction: LSAT scores out on Thursday.

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