When and Where to Expect Your 2013 October LSAT Score

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    So you took the October LSAT. It’s too late to cancel your LSAT score now, so you have one out there somewhere, floating in the ether. All that remains is for you to find out what, exactly, that LSAT score is.

    LSAC estimates that October LSAT scores will be released on October 30. That’s in precisely two weeks. But LSAC has a long-established track record of releasing LSAT scores earlier than the official release date. LSAT scores are nearly always released at least a day or two early, and sometimes even earlier than that.

    The one notable exception to this trend was last October’s LSAT scores — which came out a day after LSAC’s published release date. There were extenuating circumstances, though, as Hurricane Sandy was wreaking havoc on the eastern seaboard at the time, interfering with LSAC’s Philadelphia-area operations. That’s the only time in recent memory LSAC has been late, or even on time. So barring another natural disaster, the odds are very good you’ll get your October LSAT scores before the 30th.

    Your October LSAT score will come to you by e-mail, so you’ll find out about your score as soon as LSAC releases it without any action on your part, other than being plugged into your inbox.

    For the obsessives, here’s how it’ll go down: The first sign that LSAT scores are on their way out is that the icons on your LSAC account page for the downloadable reports about the test will turn gray. (If October LSAT scores are delayed for some reason, this seems to lose its predictive value. Last year’s experience indicates that the icons turn gray on the scheduled release date whether or not LSAT scores are actually ready.)

    Then, LSAT scores will roll out randomly over the course of a several hours. There’s no evident pattern to the order in which LSAC rolls out LSAT scores. If you obsessively refresh your LSAC account, you might be able to find out about your LSAT score a full 45 seconds before you would have found out about it via email.

    In the mean time, get to work on those law school applications if you’re applying this cycle. Keep your mind occupied, because thinking about your October LSAT score day and night doesn’t make the wait any easier.

    My (completely unofficial) prediction is that October LSAT scores will be released on Tuesday, October 29, exactly one day before the scheduled release date. If only Vegas had betting lines on this stuff.

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