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What’s so good about tutoring? A personal account

If you’ve looked around our website, you’ll know that 90% of Next Step’s business is private tutoring.  We do this because we think that private tutoring is the best way to prep for the LSAT, an opinion formed after years of seeing what worked best.  I wanted to tell my own story of how one-on-one tutoring helped me where a class could not have.

I was always naturally quite good at reading comprehension and logical reasoning.  On my very first practice test I might have missed 3-4 on each section, and reduced that to missing 0-1 on a regular basis.  I say this not to brag but to contrast with my performance on logic games – when I started, I generally got about ½ of the problems right.  Clearly, natural talent would only take me so far on this test; of course, this is the case for everyone getting <180 their first time through.

I worked hard on logic games, and was able to get my raw score into the high teens.  But something was holding me back from getting my games score where I wanted it.  It was only in working with a very qualified tutor that I was able to isolate the problem.

When I was working through a game, I would dutifully make my master diagram.  However, when I went to the questions I was trying to save small amounts of time creating my mini-diagrams.  Sometimes I just didn’t label the slots; sometimes I didn’t make all the deductions available when given new information in a particular problem.  It turns out that this was costing me significantly, leaving me puzzled on problems that ended up being quite easy when fully written out.

This sounds pretty obvious, and maybe it was.  But I’m a pretty bright guy, and I just wasn’t getting it myself.  Had I been in a class, there’s no way that this major hole in my performance would have been diagnosed.  It was only working with an experienced tutor that was physically watching me do a problem did this defect come out.  There’s just no way you can get your individual weaknesses diagnosed and fixed without a partner working closely with you.

I’ve been lucky enough to bring my old tutor on board to Next Step.  Whenever I’m discussing the benefits of tutoring to someone thinking about a class, my own story is the one I come back to.  Without tutoring I’d be in the lower 90th percentile – still a score I’d be proud of, but not close to my true potential.

Next Step Test Preparation provides complete courses of one-on-one tutoring with an LSAT expert for less than the price of a commercial prep course. Email us or call 888-530-NEXT (6398) for a complimentary consultation.