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What Your Weekend Before the June LSAT Should Look Like

So this is it. It’s the Friday before the LSAT.

If you were taking, say, the October LSAT, you’d be mentally preparing to kick some LSAT butt tomorrow morning. But since this is June, you’ve got a whole, empty, interminable weekend stretching out ahead of you. What are you going to do with all that time?

You should take your final pre-LSAT practice test no later than Saturday. That means you’ll spend Saturday either taking your practice LSAT test and reviewing it, or (if you already took the practice test) perhaps fine-tuning a few weaknesses. That should keep you busy, and keeping busy is good.

But that leaves Sunday, an entire day on which you will be doing no studying. That’s right – no studying at all. You’re going to take Sunday completely off. It will be tough, but I have faith in you. You can do it!

I know that you’re not used to having free time after spending the past few months doing nothing but studying for the LSAT. Never fear. Since you have forgotten how to enjoy yourself, I’m providing the following handy list of things you can do while not studying on Sunday:

* Marathon the new Arrested Development season (since you were too busy studying to watch it when it was released)
* Shoot some hoops with your friends (but not to the extent that you will be sore or overly tired the next day)
* Assemble your June LSAT test day materials
* Call your mom for a pep talk about how smart you are and how well you’re going to do on the LSAT
* Go shopping (okay, maybe your wallet won’t appreciate this idea, but it’s not called “retail therapy” for nothing)
* Read something…that isn’t an LSAT Reading Comprehension passage (I know. You forgot that people sometimes read things for fun. It’s okay.)
* Make a really fantastic five-course (although non-gluttonous) dinner packed with “brain foods”
* Find a bar with outdoor seating and drink a beer in the sun (only one beer, though. I mean it).

The most important thing is to stay busy. Sitting on your couch and Facebooking all day, in addition to being a massive waste of time, will allow you far too much time to get nervous and psych yourself out. Keeping busy, on the other hand, will be more enjoyable and will tire you out a little, allowing you to get a restful night’s sleep.

So go forth, young grasshoppers. It’s time to rejoin the human population and remember how to have fun again.