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What Your Post-LSAT Beverage Says About You


You spent months preparing for the LSAT. Once that test finished, you likely enjoyed a celebratory beverage or two. What beverage did you enjoy? Here’s a rundown of what your post-LSAT drink says about you.


You like to live life on the edge, but sometimes you make questionable decisions. Your biggest LSAT-related weakness was plunging directly into the answer choices without stopping to anticipate what you expect the answer to be.

Bud Light

You’re no-nonsense and down to earth, and you don’t mind spending a little extra time to get something done right. Your favorite LSAT section was Logical Reasoning, because you found it easy to avoid getting distracted when presented with a steady flow of questions.

Vodka Soda

You’re type A, and immensely practical. There will be at least three sharpened pencils and two spare erasers in the Ziploc bag you pack for test day.

Red Bull

Your brain runs at about a million miles per hour at all times, and you’re one of those people who unknowingly jiggles your leg every time you are seated for too long. Your biggest LSAT-related strength was being able to see how multiple pieces of information fit together.


You’re ambitious, and every move you make is perfectly calibrated to get you the maximally ideal outcome. Your strongest question type in the Logical Reasoning section was the Flaw question, because you could easily see through others’ BS.


Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was modeled after you. It’s not totally clear how well you’ll do in law school, but you’re already intimately familiar with the ins and outs of bird law. You drew a doodle on the writing sample response sheet rather than bothering to write a real essay.