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What Would They Score on the LSAT: Batman Edition

The new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises opened today, and one question is on all of our minds: How would Gotham City’s finest (and most dangerous) have scored on the LSAT?

Well, I’ll tell you.

What Would They Score on the LSAT — Batman: 150. Bruce Wayne is rich, attractive, strong, and smart. But he’s also busy. Like, super busy. Because he has more important things to do (like saving Gotham City), he’d have no time to do his LSAT homework. And on LSAT test day, he’d probably start off strong (he’s a bright guy, after all) before leaving early because Bane blew up a football stadium.

What Would They Score on the LSAT — Harvey Dent: 178. Harvey Dent became District Attorney of Gotham City at the age of 26. This must have been right after graduating from Yale Law School and spending a year clerking in the Supreme Court. What a badass. (Note: This LSAT score estimation is assuming he wouldn’t base each answer choice on the flip of a coin.)

What Would They Score on the LSAT — Alfred Pennyworth: 170. When first introduced in the original Batman comics, Bruce Wayne’s loyal caretaker and valet was depicted as an intelligence agent hired away from the British Royal Family to help raise young Bruce. Not only is Alfred sharp (maybe more so than Bruce himself), he is also incredibly loyal. Alfred would prepare for the LSAT tirelessly in order to help young Master Bruce in his struggle.

What Would They Score on the LSAT — The Joker: 180. The Joker may be maniacal, but he’s very sharp. He always seems to have an answer for everything. If he studied hard, he could surely get a 99th percentile LSAT score. However, the Joker doesn’t like to play by the rules. In fact, he’d probably hatch a scheme to cheat on his LSAT. I would tell you the details of his plan, but I don’t think that’s the best idea.

What Would They Score on the LSAT — The Penguin: 130. Not only is the Penguin heinously ugly, he’s also pretty stupid. In Batman Returns, he hatches a plot to kidnap Gotham City’s first-born children while their parents were out partying, to bring them into the sewers, and to drown them. Brilliant. Besides, he’d get kicked out the LSAT testing center for his snack selection: a bucket of dead fish.

What Would They Score on the LSAT — The Dude Who Made This Video: 120. Wow. You just have to watch the video. How did 156 people like this? Spoiler alert: nothing happens. Just watch the first 10 seconds.