What to do while waiting for your December LSAT score

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    We all know that waiting for your LSAT score to be released is incredibly difficult. LSAC hasn’t helped students out this year by still holding back scores as of the AM of January 6. However, it’s critical to use this time effectively in moving towards admissions.

    The challenge, of course, is that it’s hard to finalize your final target schools list without having your final LSAT score. This holds true both for students who were first-time December takers and those hoping for a significant score increase on a retake. However, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to figure out part of your list, and there are other things you can be doing as well.

    • Finalize your personal statement. In recent years, schools have started asking for a wider variety of statements from students, including personal statements, professional statements, specific essay requirements (the Yale 250 being the most well-known), diversity statements, and various option addenda. However, most students will still need to draft
    • Prepare admissions material at for-sure schools. Let’s say your last score was a 165 and you’re freezing with us here in Chicago. You’re in great shape for schools like Loyola or Chicago-Kent, but are on the low end for Northwestern or U. of Chicago. You might as well get everything finalized at the schools that are now mid-range schools but will become safety schools if your LSAT improves.
    • Finalize recommendations. If you haven’t done this, make certain that your professors and bosses are well on their way to getting their recs in.
    • Plan campus visits. Especially if you don’t have to book airfare to local schools, this is a great time to think about or actually go on campus visits to a few of your prospect schools.
    • Read nerdy law school prep books. I’m talking One L and Paper Chase, not your future Torts book.

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