Waiting on the December 2010 LSAT Score Release

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    Waiting on those December LSAT Scores…

    For those of you who took the December LSAT, we feel your pain. It has been 25 full days since you filled in that last Scantron bubble, gave everyone a little sample of your writing, and then likely obsessed over that one Logical Reasoning question that could have been (D) instead of (C). We get it, you would really, really like to get those applications in, and you are starting to wonder why this is taking so long. After everyone’s answer sheets arrive at the official scoring facility (where, I would like to think there is a scantron machine the size of a small office building), it is a little bit of a mystery as to what happens next. All we know is that it has been twenty-five days. Here are some notable things accomplished in fewer than 25 days:

    – Roman Paszke sailed the Atlantic in 8 days. He would have had over 17 days left over to work on his personal statement (which, I would imagine, would include something about sailing the Atlantic in 8 days)

    – If Richard Branson has his way, you could be at his space hotel on the moon in fewer than FOUR DAYS.

    Toby Mao could solve about 200,000 Rubik’s cubes (assuming he slept 8 hours a day and did nothing else).

    So, why can’t you just get that three digit score already? There is no widely accepted answer to this question, but it’s fairly likely that they’ll be in by the end of the week (the scores usually come a few days before the scheduled release date, which is January 10th). In the meantime, make sure everything else in your applications is in order. After all, it would be pretty silly to complain about waiting for your LSAT score if you haven’t finished your personal statement, or sent in your transcripts. Be patient. take some comfort in the fact that there is still hope for those applying in January, and we hope you get some great news from our friends at the LSAC very, very soon.

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