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What should you do before your Spring course? Spoiler: not much.


Most of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s live courses for the June LSAT start next week, which means that for at least some of you reading, your days of freedom are numbered.

You may be wondering how to spend those remaining days. As far as actual LSAT prep, there’s not a whole lot you need to do at this stage. You’ll want to procure some #2 pencils – you can only use #2 pencils on the actual LSAT (no mechanical pencils, no pens, not the tears of students who didn’t prep for the test with Blueprint), so it’s a good idea to get some now and start practicing with them.

If you are really champing at the bit to get started with your LSAT studies, Blueprint offers access to our online course, Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, to all students in the live classes. Theoretically, you could watch the first lesson ahead of time, and then use the first live lesson of the course as a way to reinforce your understanding of the concepts in that lesson.

That said, in all honesty, watching the lesson beforehand is in no way required – you’ll be in the masterful hands of one of our excellent instructors, who will ensure that you leave the first lesson with a good understanding of everything in it. But if you’re really itching to get started with your prep, pre-watching the lesson is probably your best course of action.

Other than that, do yourself a favor and enjoy your free time before the LSAT rocks your world. Spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones, because you’re about to (temporarily) become much more boring – those classes and practice tests and homework assignments are going to limit your social excursions for a while. Finish up any shows on which you’re currently bingeing on Netflix, and don’t start any new ones, because your evenings of back-to-back-to-back Breaking Bad episodes will soon be coming to a close. And if you haven’t already, bookmark Most Strongly Supported on your browser of choice, because we’ll be coming atcha with LSAT tips throughout your studies in order to help you along the way.