Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Law School-Bound Boo

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    No less than the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. said of love that it “is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” This is how we at Blueprint feel about the LSAT. The exam, an enemy we once sought to vanquish, is now not only a friend but an eternally beloved fixture in our lives. We write hosannas to each published LSAT, we admonish those who do not handle the test with the care it deserves, and we devotedly follow the exam’s every footstep. Love has transformed this test from foe to beau, at least for those of us who instinctively diagrammed the great Reverend’s above quote.

    Many of you reading this blog may not — bless your hearts — share with us a love for the LSAT. Some of you may — heavens no! — instead love another human being. Perhaps you and your beloved only treat the LSAT as an enemy you will together conquer on your parallel journeys to law school.

    Nonetheless, the LSAT is a fixture in your life, as it is in ours. And on Valentine’s Day, we at Blueprint implore you to honor your shared commitment to the LSAT with our homemade LSAT-themed Valentine’s Day cards. Send these to your boo, your bae, you sweetheart, your honey, your lovebird, your baby, or whatever people-who-love-sentient-human-beings-and-not-standardized-tests-of-logical-acumen call each other. Maybe, by sharing these cards with your loved one, you’ll prove that, even in the trenches of your battle with this formidable exam, you still care.

    Oh, and we’d be remiss not to mention our ongoing Valentine’s Day Sale. From now until Friday, February 16th at 6 pm PST, you can get $200 off any classroom course with the promo code LOVEBP. You can also get our two guidebooks — The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games and The Blueprint for Reading Comprehension — at a 40% discount, on Amazon. If you need a gift to go along with these cards, you couldn’t do much better for your law school-bound boo.


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