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Undergraduate/Graduate School Breakdown of the 2016 Presidential Candidates


Does it matter where POTUS went to school? The 2012 presidential election pitted two Harvard Law grads against each other: Barack Obama ’91 and Mitt Romney ‘75. Perhaps deepening the Ivy League rivalry, it seems that the Democratic Party will opt this year for a Yale Law grad, Hillary Clinton. The Democrats this cycle appear unable to advance even a single candidate without relevant work or scholarly experience, however – a failing that will surely hurt them in the general election among the sizeable portion of the electorate steadfastly committed to casting their vote for a bull in a china shop.

The Republican field is, of course, much more difficult to assess (or count, for that matter) at this point. We’ve got lots of lawyers, a couple brilliant doctors (who it seems should stick to doctoring), and even an accomplished downsizing specialist (also at times described as an unaccomplished Hewlett-Packard CEO). Most of the GOP candidates studied political science in undergrad – although Jeb requested that we note that he, equipped as he is with a highly-technical, really-almost-nearly-STEM Latin American Studies degree, has nothing but contempt for such majors. Mrs. Fiorina, much like Mr. Bush, resolved to go the more practical route: pursuing a degree in Medieval History.

Curious about the other candidates? Check out the table below!


Donald Trump
– University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

Ben Carson
– Yale University, Psychology
– University of Michigan Medical School

Marco Rubio
– University of Florida, Political Science
– University of Miami Law School

Jeb Bush
– University of Texas at Austin, Latin American Studies

Ted Cruz
– Princeton University, Public Policy
– Harvard Law School

Chris Christie
– University of Delaware, Political Science
– Seton Hall University School of Law

Carly Fiorina
– Stanford University, Medieval History
– UCLA Law (dropped out after a semester)
– MIT School of Management


Hillary Clinton
– Wellesley College, Political science
– Yale Law

Bernie Sanders
– University of Chicago, Political Science

Martin O’Malley
– The Catholic University of America
– University of Maryland Law