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Top Law Schools in Nebraska

Known for its neverending farmlands, amazing food, and relatively lower cost of living, Nebraska can be the perfect place to pursue a law degree.

In this piece, we cover admissions requirements, average LSAT scores, and acceptance rates at Nebraska’s two law schools to help you make an informed decision.

For information about other states’ law school options, such as the top law schools in Missouri, make sure to check out our resource center to get an in-depth look at areas around the country.

Best Law Schools in Nebraska

  1. University of Nebraska, Lincoln 
  2. Creighton University School of Law, Omaha


1. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

US News Best Law School Ranking: #78 

Tuition: $16,800 (in-state, full-time) 

Average GPA: 3.59

Average LSAT Score: 156

Acceptance Rate: 77%

2. Creighton University School of Law

US News Best Law School Ranking: #139

Tuition: $47,536 (in-state, full-time) 

Average GPA: 3.39

Average LSAT Score: 153

Acceptance Rate: 64%

University of NebraskaCollege of Law

The full-time program at the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln is ranked 78th nationally, according to US News Rankings. The college is well-reputed and offers students the opportunity to specialize in diverse areas of legal study law, ranging from telecommunications to environmental law. Additionally, as a potential law student, you can consider the option of pursuing a joint study program offered at the Nebraska College of Law. These programs include joint law and psychology programs, and you can even pair your law course with an MBA. 

As a student at the Nebraska College of Law, you can get hands-on experience with immigration and criminal prosecution-related cases at law clinics run by the institution. Other resources that you can benefit from as a student here include participation in the Nebraska Law Review journal and being a part of various relevant student bodies like the Nebraska Family Law Organization and the American Constitution Society. Such experiences will go a long way in helping you stand out from other applicants for jobs or higher studies. 

The Nebraska College of Law boasts a strong alumni network of 9,000 lawyers practicing in diverse fields of law. The school has an 8:3:1 staff-to-student-faculty ratio with a varied portfolio of professors and lecturers. The college has assembled a large body of educators who can help you develop distinct perspectives in your law studies. The Juris Doctor degree helps you develop a traditional foundation in law while allowing you to specialize in your preferred field. 

Applicants to this law school must have completed all requirements for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution to be eligible for enrollment into the first year of study. Other requirements of the application process include a personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and a valid LSAT score. A detailed checklist of the application requirements is available on their website

Creighton University School of Law

Creighton University School of Law is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The law school offers a regular Juris Doctor degree that takes  three years to complete, as well as  an accelerated course for the same degree that can be completed in 2 years. 

The legal studies program at Creighton’s School of Law prepares you to hit the ground running by equipping you with a combination of theoretical knowledge and application-based skills. It differentiates itself from other courses by offering multiple formats of completion to prospective students. Besides the regular full-time course, you can choose the intensive accelerated course or a long-term, part-time mode of legal study to get a degree.    

To further enrich your experience as a law student at Creighton University, you can take advantage of the law clinics and externships made available to you by the School of Law. You can benefit from externship opportunities in the offices of public defenders, city attorneys, judges, county attorneys, and even non-profit hospitals. Additionally, you will participate in clinical legal experiences at Milton R Abrahams Legal Clinic or Creighton Immigrant and Refugee Clinic.  

Creighton University School of Law requires applicants to have a valid bachelor’s degree program, along with LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, and a completed application form. The University provides an exhaustive list of admission requirements that you can check out on its website

How do I get accepted to the top law school in Nebraska?

A non-negotiable element for any law school applicant is a good LSAT score. The LSAT score helps colleges benchmark your skills of reasoning, comprehension, writing, and reading while also helping admission committees gauge your level of readiness for the first year of law school. If you’re wondering about the possibilities of attending law school without LSAT experience, make sure to read up on the requirements of law schools when it comes to taking the LSAT.

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