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Time for the Crystal Ball: June LSAT Predictions

BPPmatt-lsat-blog-crystalballI have developed a bad habit. You see, about a year ago, I began making predictions about upcoming LSAT administrations. It turns out that LSAT students are highly interested in the topic. And it has gone rather well so far. I predicted that the curve for the September test last year was going to be rather forgiving. I also went out on a limb and predicted that the same would be true for the December LSAT.

In the craziest development yet, in the midst of outlining what my LSAT experience in September was going to look like, I made a joke about honeybees being the topic of conversation on a difficult reading comprehension passage:

“There was a real bitch of a science passage related to human dependence on the honeybee.”

But what are the chances of that actually popping up? Well, the reading comprehension section featured a passage about parallel processing and basing computer systems on similar systems in a nature. Of all the examples that they could use, what did they choose? Honeybees. No shit. Weird.

My goal in life has now changed. I now would like to become more like this lady by using my powerful clairvoyant abilities.

So here we go again.

1. The Curve

I think it will be very similar to the curves from last year. Since the economy has started to rebound (kinda, sorta, but not really), the number of test takers will likely be somewhat down from last year. Of course, testing centers last year resembled movie theaters before the opening of Twilight. Crazy.

I think the curve will be somewhere between the September 2009 curve and the December 2009 curve.

Out of 100 questions:

170 89 out of 100 (-11)
165 82 out of 100 (-18)
160 74 out of 100 (-26)

2. Games

The games on the test should be pretty consistent with the games that have popped up on the exam in the last few years. There will likely be an easy, 1:1 ordering game to start things out. In and out grouping will be somewhere close behind. Expect some tiered ordering and something that is either underbooked or overbooked.

Last year, students reported that games were more difficult than had been the case in the previous couple years. There will be one game (I am predicting the third one) that is going to be tough. However, charging into the question will not get you to the promised land. When you experience a hard game, that just puts more emphasis on deductions, most notably scenarios.

Random prediction: there will be a girl named Clarissa in one of the games. Watch out for her.

3. Logical Reasoning

They are really starting to phase out some of the more uncommon question types and sticking to the big guys. This means that you can expect a lot of flaws, which is always expected. But here are a couple question types that have been making a comeback.

– I think there will be at least six necessary assumption questions. These can be tough for students. Remember to test your answer to see if it is necessary. How do you know if something is necessary? Take it away. If you want to know if showering is necessary to score on your hot date, then you have to skip the shower and see if you have any chance without it. Remember, the answer does not have to prove anything, and that is why you should generally shy towards weaker answer choices.
– There will be lots of strengthen principle questions. On these questions, you need to find a general principle in the answers that supports whatever decision is made in the stimulus. Remember to anticipate the principle beforehand, and try to phrase the principle in condition terms (if this, then that).

Random prediction: there will be a question about pygmy monkeys.

4. Reading Comprehension

Long, hard, and boring. So pretty much the same old story. However, stay interested and stay motivated.

I think the comparative passage will be long and tough on this one (probably the 3rd passage).

Random prediction: oil spills (although I might be swayed by current events).

So that is what I am expecting. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Remember to relax this weekend and get your mind right (as the kids are saying). If you need some tips for how to fill up your Sunday, we have a video to help you out.

Best of luck on Monday.