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Three Weeks Until The October LSAT: Not a Good Time to Quit Smoking


It seems that I always start these things with how far we are from the LSAT, so for the sake of consistency WE’RE LESS THAN THREE WEEKS FROM THE LSAT. But now it’s sort of relevant, because I’m here to give some advice for what not to do in these final smattering of days. And what is that? Basically, anything that makes you unhappy. Wait, what? Yes! The LSAT is extremely responsive to your mood and disposition, so you want to be living in your happy place as often as possible. What I mean to say, basically, is that now is not the time to give up your vices.

I say this because, just a couple days ago, a student told me how she had just given up smoking. This is a terrible idea. I was able to tell her, in complete conscience, that she should smoke more cigarettes. Sure, smoking will kill you, but for the love of god, wait until after the LSAT to kick the habit. The same thing goes for your other (non-mind-altering) vices. Do you like to spend your afternoons watching Gilligan’s Island reruns for hours on end? Do you eat a diet composed largely of Cadbury Eggs, even though we’re about as far away from Easter as possible? Do you actually pay for, and read, People magazine? You should be ashamed of yourself, but now’s not the time to change. As long as it’s not getting in the way of your LSAT study, you shouldn’t be changing your dirty habits right now.

Basically, the more “normal” everything is, the better. You don’t want any massive earthquakes of change in your life at this point. Your life should be consisting of LSAT study, and keeping yourself happy (the latter to counteract the former). So don’t check yourself out of Flavor Country just yet.