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Thinking about postponing the June LSAT? Think again (…in a couple weeks)


The June LSAT is coming up in 17 days. You may well be freaking out right now about whether you’ll be ready by then. That’s normal. It also does you no good.

The official deadline to change your test date has come and gone. You still have a chance to get out if you need to, though. You can withdraw your LSAT registration up until the night before the test, if you’re compelled to. If you do, law schools won’t even know you were registered for the test.

So for now, there’s no use worrying. Late score improvements are common. You’ve probably made a shift recently from learning new concepts to putting it all together. Lots of students see the biggest numerical gains at this stage of the process. Sometimes it just takes lots of timed, mixed practice and review.

Go into this long weekend under the assumption that you’re taking the June LSAT. Take a couple practice tests. Review them carefully. Also, take some time away from the LSAT if you’ve been studying every day. A little time off having fun helps your score. Seriously.

Keep studying for the next two weeks. You may well be pleasantly surprised at how your score jumps in that time. If this happens, you’ll be happy that you didn’t let up on the studying. If your score still isn’t something you’re happy with, you can withdraw. The prep you’ll have done over these last few weeks will still be helpful for September.

But either way, whether you end up thrilled with your score or kicking the LSAT can down the road, you gain nothing from worrying about it now. Just keep up the studying and there’s nothing wrong with procrastinating your final LSAT decision until the very end.