There’s Still Hope if Your October LSAT Testing Center is Full

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Here at Most Strongly Supported, we love saying “we told you so.” (Who doesn’t?)

    And hey, remember back in June when we told you to sign up for your October LSAT test center pronto because they tend to fill up? Well, if you didn’t heed our advice until now, you may have noticed that the early deadline to sign up for the October LSAT is one week away, and it just may be the case that your preferred October LSAT testing centers are full.

    So what do you do? Panic? Cry? Resign yourself to going to truck driver school?

    No, no, and definitely not. The first thing you need to do is sign up for the October LSAT posthaste. Yes, I know your preferred October LSAT testing center might be full. Even if that’s the case, sign up this very instant. And here’s why:

    September 13 is the last day for people to withdraw from the October LSAT for a full refund. And it just so happens that September 15 is the last day to switch your October LSAT test center online. So as we approach the 13th, people (who don’t read this LSAT blog and therefore are far less informed than you) will withdraw from the October LSAT so they can get their money back. And who will be waiting in the wings to snap up those empty October LSAT test center seats? That’s right – you!

    So in short, there’s a week to sign up for the October LSAT. If there’s even a chance that you’ll want to take the LSAT in October, you should sign up now, even if you can’t sign up for your testing center of choice. And on or around the 13th (but by the 15th), you should start checking out the LSAC website so that if your preferred test center does have an open seat, you can grab it.

    So there you have it – simple as pie. And if you choose to disregard my advice, be prepared to hear another “I told you so” sometime down the road!

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