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The Tragic LSAT Tale of Lisa Logan

The Tragic LSAT Tale of Lisa Logan
We at MSS bring to you our second installment of practice logical reasoning questions. Today, Misha analyzes the story of Lisa Logan, and what steps we need to take to validly conclude that her parents have failed in their parenting (odds are, it shouldn’t be too difficult to conclude that). If you have any questions after the video, head on over to the discussion board or voice your confusion in the comments. Check out the text of the question below.
Dr. Droo: Someone with great financial means will shoplift only if they are deeply troubled or if they intentionally committed the crime to get publicity. If someone is deeply troubled, then their parents have failed. Lisa Logan, a well-known actress and ex-child star, was recently caught shoplifting an expensive necklace from a retail store in southern California. Lisa did not know she was doing anything illegal, thinking the store owners would be honored. It is safe to conclude that Lisa’s parents have failed.

Dr. Droo’s conclusion follows logically if which one of the following is true?

(A) Lisa’s parents could have done a better parenting job.
(B) The store owners were not honored when Lisa took the necklace.
(C) Lisa Logan has great financial means.
(D) Lisa is not culpable for her theft.
(E) No movie studios are going to be contacting Lisa anytime soon.