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The Registration Deadline for the September LSAT is 8/1!

August 1st is only three days away!

Oh no… what even is August 1st? A holiday? Grandma’s 70th? A new Disney movie coming out? Was I supposed to buy gifts for people?

Nope, none of those things. In fact, August 1st is a much more exciting day: it’s the last day to decide whether or not to register for the September LSAT. Wow, that’s a serious day.

To register… or not to register? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind when making the decision:

• The September LSAT is less than two months away. You should have a study plan in place if you plan on taking the September exam. (No fear: We have online courses, private tutoring, and there may even still be some classroom courses still open in your area.)

The registration fee is $200. This fee is mostly non-refundable, although there is a possibility of getting $50 back if you withdraw your LSAT registration before another deadline. But who wants to keep track of another important day?

• The September LSAT counts as one of the three tests an applicant is allowed to take in a “Calendar Year, LSAC Version” (June-May).

• You cannot see your score before deciding to cancel your score. You may have heard that this was an option for the July LSAT; sadly, this is not the case for September (or any other LSAT).

• September is the first LSAT that will be administered as a fully digital exam. Thankfully, we have an online tool that will allow you to practice on a digital platform to your heart’s content.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for the September LSAT (or decide to wait until the October LSAT).