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The Other Thing the LSAT Tests: Your Patience

The LSAT is coming around the bend, and by now you should have logged hours upon hours of study. In less than five weeks, you’ll be taking this most monumental of LSAT tests. But what to do if things just aren’t clicking?

One of the first things you can do is review your LSAT practice exam misses. Many people feel like they understand the concepts but have a hard time translating that into a high accuracy rate. Going over the questions you got wrong can help immensely with this. As you do this, you’ll learn from your mistakes, and becoming aware of those mistakes will make it less likely that you’ll make them on future LSAT tests.

Another thing you can do is review entire lessons. Sometimes people want to just blaze through the lessons and get right to the LSAT homework, but you should never do that. Take your time to really understand the lessons. Read and reread everything carefully. You have to really understand the concepts taught there if you want to do well on the practice LSAT tests. And when you find that you’re missing a lot of a certain question type, go back to the relevant lesson and brush up on those LSAT concepts.

Another barrier that people have is that they have a hard time translating their skills to actual tests. That is, when they’re doing LSAT test questions just one question type at a time, they do fine, but when they get to actual tests that all goes out the window. If that’s you, then don’t worry, because you can overcome this issue. It really comes with practice. Make sure to take all tests in realistic testing conditions, and do the same with homework whenever possible. This means no distractions like having your phone on or listening to music. Force yourself to do nothing but LSAT test work. As you do that, you’ll be forced to get used to mixing up question types, and mixing up sections. You’ll gradually get better and better at implementing the skills you already have, and will start to see improvement on your LSAT tests. But if you never do your practice like the real thing, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise on the day of the LSAT.

No matter what, keep working! There’s still a lot of time to see improvement.