The LSAT Prep Christmas List

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    ~All I want for Christmas is my No. 2, sharp pencil.~

    Right? Something like that?

    What a thing to be studying for the LSAT over the holidays. Remember when this time of year was simple? When you anxiously awaited the arrival of Santa, instead of anxiously awaiting a random Sunday in February?

    But you can still get in the holiday spirit, even as you stress about the February exam. Take your Christmas list, for example. Instead of asking for Tiffany & Co., you could write Santa for a, uh… more practical kind of jewelry.

    In the bygone days of your youth, a collection of Sudoku may have been the mental-stimulus of choice. Now, finding all the ways to squeeze seven eclectically-named clowns into a taxi dominates your down time. So maybe you should ask for some velvet PJs to comfort you at night, as tortured recollections of fuzzy seedpods and Frida Khalo’s eyebrow dance through a sleepy head that should be occupied by nothing but sugarplum fairies.

    Test-day necessities can make for excellent stocking stuffers: tell Santa you want a bitchin’ pencil sharpener and some brainy snacks.

    I don’t recommend asking for headphones, much as I enjoy Beats by Dre (or Sound by Steve), because you should probably study as close to actual test conditions as possible. You could ask Santa to make LSAC let you use headphones on test day, but if you’re wishing for things that are impossible, I’d say asking him for 30-hour days is more useful.

    Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we here at Blueprint hope you get everything you want this holiday season (and on the February LSAT).

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