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The LSAT Prep Adventures of Cecilia Tsoukalos: Zombie Land

The only things in life that are certain are death and taxes… and the June LSAT… and the inevitable downfall of Lindsey Lohan’s career. As you well know, or should well know by this point, the LSAT is less than two weeks away. By now you should be figuring out exactly what areas you need to crunch down on before LSAT test day. This is the time to be honing on the skills that you’ve been putting off mastering. I’ll be spending my weekend on a date with diagramming. But it won’t be a date that you want to go on. It’ll be one of those dates where a friend you don’t know very well sets you up with a guy who chews with his mouth open and constantly talks about his mom. It will be ugly.

We’re so close to LSAT test day that it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about what you’d like to do once the LSAT comes and goes. Spend a good 5 minutes daydreaming about after your next LSAT practice exam. I’m dreaming about telling my friends, “Yes, I will go out tonight. No, I will not choose reading comp over you”. Soon enough you’ll be able to return to the land of the living and stop being an LSAT zombie.

As most of you have heard by now, the zombie outbreak may have started over the weekend in Florida. Okay, really it was a dude thought to be tripping out on bath salts (the lovely drug that combines the worst elements of PCP, cocaine, LSD, and meth) but a potential zombie apocalypse sounds way cooler.

Granted, I’m not spending my 5 minutes of daydreaming pondering potentially imminent zombie doom but it is good to be on your toes. We’ve all seen 28 Days Later. I once attended a seminar by Max Brooks, author of the Zombie Survival Guide, and let me tell you, it was enlightening. The book is chock full of helpful hints for what to do in case of an invasion. Did you know that a machete is the most useful weapon against zombies? Well, now you do.

For the two weeks remaining before the LSAT do yourself a favor and become a zombie of a different variety – become an LSAT zombie! Spend all the time you can muster thinking about the LSAT, even moan and groan about it in a zombie-esque manner if you think that’ll help. Run through the process for approaching Disagree and Parallel questions while making dinner and maybe post stickies on how to diagram Unless and Without conditionals on your computer, or write it out on your hand, or just be a badass and get it tattooed on your forearm. Continue to focus on the LSAT whenever possible; diligence is the name of the game at this point, and the students who are able to keep their eye on the prize are the ones who will come out on top. Much like the undead are concerned solely with consuming human flesh, you too should be concerned only with the LSAT.

Keep up the studies on the last home stretch before LSAT test day. It’ll be here and done before we know it. I know my weekend will be spent hunched over practice exams and lesson books. Also, do not bring a machete into the LSAT testing room, as it will not fit in your clear plastic bag and there’s a slight chance the proctors won’t let you sit for the exam.