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The LSAT and Super Bowl Sunday

Here at Blueprint, we accept as something of an inevitability the fact that you’re probably spending this Sunday drunk, covered head-to-toe in body paint, and bloated with guacamole. It’s Super Bowl Weekend; why shouldn’t you?

We’re not here to shout you back to your textbooks. Far from it! We actually think this is great preparation for the LSAT. Look at the similarities: it’s a high-stakes test for future lawyers. The scene will be rife with loud mouths who refuse shut up, and you’re going to feel reasonably certain that half the people there are cheaters.

The similarities don’t stop there. There are tons of ways that the Super Bowl and the LSAT are essentially the same (go with me here). Both emphasize the absolute essentiality of fortifying snacks. For each, people will get decked out in all the appropriate gear, perhaps even sporting frivolous jewelry for the cause.

They are so much alike, in fact, that even the behaviors of the people you watch the game with will mirror those of the folks with whom you’ll sit at the test. We all know there’s going to be that one guy who intermittently bellows expletives at the inanimate object before him. Another person, without fail, is bound to storm out of the room in a huff halfway through. There’ll probably be an ass or two whispering “yessss” to himself throughout the whole ordeal… and of course, by the end of it all, half of the room will be left staring dumbly at nothing in particular—weeping softly, and praying for better luck next year.

So feel free to spend your Sunday ingesting salted foods and watching grown men run into each other; it might be better LSAT prep than you think.