The Home Stretch

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    The LSAT is this Saturday. Here’s what you should do in your last week of LSAT prep.

    1. Focus on Logic Games

    If you aren’t getting all or nearly all of the Logic Games questions right, your best bet for improvement in this final stretch is to devote most of your time to Logic Games. It’s much easier to see improvements in a short amount of time on Logic Games than any other section. If you’ve been studying for the past two months, you should have a wealth of study resources available, the best being logic games that gave you a hard time in the past. You should take these 10 to 30 games and redo them until you have every trick, weird rule combination, and tough question memorized. You won’t see anything new on Saturday. So if you get real familiar with the tricks from previous exams, nothing should come as a surprise.

    2. Focus on Your Weaknesses

    After Logic Games, the next best thing you can do is focus on your weaknesses. This is especially important if you have major weaknesses in the more frequent question types. Do you feel comfortable with Necessary questions? Strengthen and Weaken questions? If not, hit them hard. Review your general approach, and make sure you know what the typical wrong answer choices look like. Like with Logic Games, you should have a ton of LR questions and RC passages that kicked your butt in the last couple of months. Go back and review them. Your emphasis should always be on asking how you could have anticipated the correct answer choice more effectively.

    3. Start Waking Up Early

    You have to report for your LSAT test center at 8:30AM. This will be hard for many of you. If you haven’t been going to bed early, and waking up early, you need to start tonight. The LSAT is like an athletic event, and you just won’t do your best if you’re half asleep. Don’t count on chugging a bunch of coffee either. All that will do is make you jittery, distracted, and wishing you wore diapers.

    4. Visit Your LSAT Test Center

    Do a dry run to your LSAT test center. You don’t want to stress about finding parking and the actual testing room on Saturday. So head on out to your LSAT test center, explore a bit, and bring some of your prep materials. Ideally, you’ll take a practice LSAT inside the actual room at the actual time. Speaking of which, while you will report to your LSAT test center at 8:30, don’t expect to start taking the actual thing until about 9:30. Your LSAT proctors will need some time to get everyone checked in and seated. If your LSAT test center is very tiny, you’ll start earlier. This extra time between check-in and start can be very unnerving. I suggest going to your test room and waiting for about 30 minutes before you begin your practice test. Learn to deal with the delay before it actually matters.

    5. Take Friday Off

    Finally, you have to take Friday off. Going hard on Friday can only hurt. Instead, plan to take the day off. Fill your free time on Friday with the kind of activities you enjoy. See a movie. Play some video games. Work out. Just don’t touch any LSAT stuff.

    Good luck!

    And make sure to blast this early and often this week:


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