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The Future of Law Jobs


The Future of Law Jobs
So we’ve been reporting on some sad cases of law students who weren’t allowed to pass the bar because of debt, or who weren’t allowed to discharge their debt through bankruptcy, as well as the importance of understanding law school debt. But we’re not all doom and gloom, people! And neither is the legal landscape (at least not totally). The ABA Journal reports that while some law jobs are shrinking, others are getting a boost in today’s economy.

It makes sense that as people watch their spending, paying $350 or more per hour for a lawyer is no longer a preferred option. The result? Legal arenas such as alternative dispute resolution and prepaid legal services are becoming more popular. Other areas of legal practice such as environmental law, consumer protection, and bankruptcy are predicted to flourish, as well. And don’t forget the Wall Street Journal’s article about midsize law firms getting more clients.

So the upshot is you should do your research before you go into debt for law school. And you certainly should be aware of the kind of career options that are likely to be available to you on the other side of your JD. But if you love the prospect of working in the law, you don’t need to shelve your dream because the entire arena is imploding. People might want mint chocolate chip instead of fudge ripple, but they’re still eating ice cream.