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Studying with Victoria: The LSAT and Comic Con

You know you’ve been doing LSAT prep for too long when you actually start paying attention to commercials on TV. It’s not because at this point you’d rather watch lame-ass infomercials than do your homework, it’s because you can’t help but listen for the logical structure. Women over 30 need calcium and vitamin D to maintain optimum bone health. (INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE) contains both calcium AND vitamin D! Take (INSERT PRODUCT NAME HERE) to maintain optimum bone health!

Somehow, I think this new Weltanschauung is here to stay. It’s like having logical x-ray vision. After countless drills in logical structure and flaw spotting, I’m starting to evaluate claims in the world around me. The upside is that I’m practicing; the downside is that I’m starting to piss off my friends. Friends don’t like it when you say things like: “but your sample group is non-indicative” in day to day arguments. Note to self: tone it down, girl.

This past week was filled with new experiences in LSAT land. Aside from discovering my inability to separate logic from reality, I also missed my first class last week. I cut class for San Diego Comic Con, the yearly four-day gathering of the nerds, Nerdvana if you will. As a not-so-closeted fangirl, I spent my time gleefully geeking out, but not without my trusty LSAT prep book. Each day, I dutifully packed the book in my backpack and made time to do my homework. I did logical reasoning questions while waiting in lines for panels and marked up reading comprehension passages at a table with Mario and the girl version of Captain Kirk. Yes, taking breaks from prep work is important, but so is staying on top of your work. More than anything, I was paranoid about falling behind. To the people who looked at me like a crazy person for bringing my homework, I have this to say: I love Comic Con, but I want a kick-ass LSAT score more. I’ve got my priorities.

So the homework part was ok; teaching myself lesson 7 is different story. Let me tell you that while Comic Con was definitely worth it, I won’t be missing anymore classes for the duration of the course. Come hell or high water, I will be planted in that seat on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Knock on wood, though, I really don’t want to deal with hell or high water right now because instead of loads of comic books, I came back from San Diego with a case of bronchitis as a souvenir.

On top of that, missing class also meant missing logic games taking a turn for the worse with in and out games. Et tu, logic games? We were getting on so well! Gone are those sweet, halcyon days of ordering; I came back to some horrid monstrosity of a game with relationships called “love,” stalker,” “hate,” and “baby.” What the hell?! Granted, the names are pretty funny, but those games are no laughing matter. In and out groups didn’t make inherent sense to me on the first read-through, but thankfully my instructor was willing to go over the sample games with me. They’re still confusing, but they’re not quite as impenetrable as they had been. I won’t write them off yet, but suffice to say logic games and I aren’t exactly bff’s anymore. They tell me practice makes perfect, so let’s hope that’s the case as I start in on my homework.