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Studying with Victoria: Speeding Toward the LSAT


I swear the Universe goes to warp speed whenever I’m not looking. I wake up on Monday morning and the next thing I know, it’s Friday. This past week was especially crazy. First, there was a German essay and a train-wrecked German test. The test might have been made of fail, but at least my grand plan of including zombies in just about everything I write for that class is still on track!

Then my printer gave out with some particularly loud death throes and then I couldn’t print out the materials I needed to give to a professor who is writing me letters of recommendation. But not to worry. The LSAC website decided that repeatedly kicking me off was more worthwhile than actually giving me the documents I needed.

If I could reverse my sleeping habits, I totally would because it’s finally perfect outside right now at 12 in the morning. To make matter worse, I woke up this morning not to the dulcet tones of songbirds, but to the sound of a jackhammer. They’re doing something to the parking lot across the street from my apartment and it doesn’t look like this is going to be a one day job. Thanks, Berkeley! It’s official then. The Universe isn’t just speeding up time; it’s actively out to get me. I feel like one of those whack-a-mole arcade games. No matter where I pop up, the Universe is there to put me right back in my place with a gigantic mallet. Please, powers that be, let this be a huge string of bad luck that means I’m going to own the LSAT on October 9.

Well, I cannot control the LSAC website, I cannot guarantee that Earth Mother’s going to play nice all the time, and much to my frequent irritation, I have no power over the weather. I can, however, still affect the outcome of my LSAT. To do this, I’ve been practicing pretty incessantly and looking for chinks in the armor, so to speak. All of those sprints and individual sections are paying off. Sure, I’ve been demolishing reading comprehension passages and logic games, but the real value in all of this practice is realizing what I’m doing wrong. For some reason, I’m not where I want to be with implication questions, but at least it’s an isolated group that I can focus on.

Then there was Tuesday’s time trial which I think is the logical equivalent of running stadium steps in summer or something equally awful. Four sections straight through, no break. And I’d thought taking practice exams was bad. Time trials involve feeling your brain turn to mush somewhere in the middle of section three and still having to keep going. But enough with my whining because it’s ultimately (like Brussels sprouts or broccoli) good for you. And then you get the added satisfaction of feeling pretty darn awesome when you finish grading that bugger and realize you’ve done better than you have before.

Keep calm and carry on, fellow LSAT-ers, the end is nigh.