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Studying with Victoria: Back to School LSAT Study


I was watching Legally Blonde the other night as a way of taking a break from LSAT prep, only to realize that one of the LSAT questions Elle is shown working with her tutor on is from a logic game that we just did in class the other week. Sounds like somebody did their research. So maybe watching a movie about law school isn’t exactly the best break I could come up with, but I was still pretty shocked to hear that question.

Sadly, I’ve been seeing more ads for backpacks lately, and that can only mean one thing: the end of summer and the return of classes. Oh dear God, say it ain’t so! The end of summer means actually having to remember what day of the week it is, that my long hours spent at zombie genocide will be curtailed, and that I’ll have to start balancing my Blueprint homework with Berkeley homework. I’ll get back to you later on how that’s working out. Thankfully, I’m not taking too many units. Unfortunately, Berkeley cancelled my German class so I had a bit of a scramble a few days ago trying to come up with the minimum number of units. Between this being my senior year and the budget cuts, I can say that I’m kind of ready to say good-bye to Cal.

The past week has been pretty eventful, with a visiting sister, newly arriving roommates, and just a general maelstrom of people. It’s driving me crazy. Does anybody else remember the children’s book Five Minute’s Peace? I feel like the mama elephant in the story; I just want my five minute’s peace!

To cope, I’ve been venturing out to find study spots. Usually, I go to one of the libraries on campus, which are pretty good because it means that I’ll actually use my computer to access MyBlueprint instead of YouTube. Sadly, I can’t support my coffee habit in the libraries. The other options are the various coffee shops that circle campus like buzzards around road-kill. Coffee, however, means dealing with some of Berkeley’s more colorful characters. I was studying in one shop, enjoying my coffee and settling in for a nice reading comp passage when a woman walked up to me, shoved a book in my face, and asked if I’d like to read her poetry. I read a few poems and then when I returned the book to her, she asked if I’d like to buy or barter for the book. Umm, no? Five minute’s peace is a lie.

Right now, I’m out of the chaos of Berkeley and experiencing a brief respite from LSAT study. It was my mom’s birthday on the 18th so I came down to visit and bake a cake for her, because I make the best cake in my hometown. Seriously. My carrot cake is, as of the 2009 Hometown Fair, the best baked good in El Segundo. I have a gigantic ribbon and the collected evil-eye of several little old ladies to prove it. Well, I’m off to make the most of my last little break before school starts and soak up those last lazy days of summer with my Blueprint book.