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Studying for the LSAT by the Light of the Kinara

Christmas is over, which can only mean one thing: That’s right, it’s Kwanzaa time! For the next seven days, we here at the Blueprint offices will be busy celebrating all things Pan-African. However, even as we observe the holiday, our LSAT duties unfortunately cannot remain forgotten for an entire week. But that’s alright! Even if you don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, you can still let Kwanzaa’s seven core principles guide you in your LSAT studies. Principles such as:

Unity – While studying, one must focus on the different sections individually. A solid grasp of Logical Reasoning and Reading Comp needs to be attained before putting it all together. But put it together one must, which is why taking many practice exams is so important. Just as it is with families, communities, and nations, unity cannot be forgotten on the LSAT.

Self-Determination – There are few things that require the type of self-determination called upon by LSAT study. Even if one does have teachers and tutors, in the end a student’s fate on the LSAT rests in his or her own hands. Summoning the self-determination required to make and stick to a study plan will go far.

Collective Work – During Kwanzaa, the concept of collective work involves sharing problems so that they may be solved together. The LSAT may be a competition of sorts, but you’re not competing with those who take the test the same day as you. By finding fellow students with whom to study, problems can be overcome and LSAT strategies can be shared.

Cooperative Economics – Neither studying for the LSAT nor applying to law school are inexpensive endeavors, and to do either of these things one may have to engage in cooperative economics by borrowing money. Both parties benefit in such a transaction – the student is able to pursue higher education, and the bank makes even more money. So that’s good.

Purpose – Kwanzaa reminds us how important it is to develop and strengthen our communities. By going to law school, one is able to help develop the legal community by further expanding it, maintaining the greatness of this beloved profession. This purpose can serve as inspiration during the darkest hours of LSAT study.

Creativity – The LSAT may not at first appear to foster much creativity, but the Writing Sample is a wonderful counterexample to this. While one should not stray from the facts, the writing sample presents an opportunity to show off elegant and creative prose. It may not impress an admissions committee as much as a riveting personal statement, but it certainly won’t hurt.

Faith – Studying for the LSAT can be a dark time, but one must maintain faith throughout the process that hard work and diligence will be rewarded. Keep studying, and soon this long chapter in your life will come to a close.