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Spring UCLA 1 starts TOMORROW!


They say the early bird gets the worm. Yuck! Want something non-disgusting as a reward for your early bird tendencies? How about a competition-crushing score on the June 2016 LSAT?

Blueprint’s first Spring UCLA course, starring LSAT prep superstar and (unfortunately married) logic hunk Sam Fox, starts tomorrow, Saturday the 11th, at 10 am sharp. Even better, enroll now with the promo code UCLA200, and you’ll get two hundred simoleans (that’s, like, mobster for “dollars”) off the course.

Every classroom course, including this one, comes with access to all of Blueprint’s online resources and our mobile app. This includes:

— Animated Lesson Videos:
Can’t make a lesson? Got you covered!
— Adaptive Homework: Complete homework targeted to your skill level.
— Customizable Practice Sets: Tailor your practice to your needs.
— Powerful Analytics: Get instant feedback on your performance.
— Interactive Drills: Learn the building blocks of the LSAT.

Don’t wait! If you start tomorrow, you’ll have nearly 3 months of LSAT study, putting you well ahead of the game.