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Spring 2012 Fashion Trends for LSAT Prep Students

The days are lengthening, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is crossing north over the celestial equator. All of which can only mean one thing – it’s the Vernal Equinox! Winter is over, and spring has sprung. And we all know what that means: Spring fashion! Just because you’re spending your days studying for the June LSAT doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with the hottest trends. New must-haves for every LSAT student this spring include:

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend I: Sweatpants – Studying for the LSAT all day goes great with a warm pair of baggy sweatpants. You’ll look fantastic as you shuffle to the kitchen for your third pot of coffee. To add a fun twist, don’t wash them for three days; you’ll be too busy with logic games to do laundry anyway. The oily residue will really shine, and the stink will keep disruptive friends and family members away.

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend II: Slippers – Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be keeping up on the latest footwear trends. Some plush slippers will give you that little bit of extra comfort during your hellish study marathons. And if that’s not enough, they’ll also prevent you from stepping in the filth that’s accumulating in your uncared-for apartment!

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend III: Glasses – It’s not all about the clothes. Who needs boring old contact lenses that’ll dry up from nonstop studying? Instead, bust out those stylish frames that you haven’t worn since high school, and you’ll be blinking in comfort and style.

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend IV: Blankets – It’s not fashion without accessories! When the sweatpants and slippers aren’t enough, why not burrow up in an old afghan on the couch? Nothing says style like a frayed comforter with an LSAT prep test on top.

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend V: Ice cream – Speaking of accessories, the best way to top off your LSAT spring fashion is with a personal pint of ice cream. It tastes great, and it keeps the sadness demons away. Consider matching it with a smooth, soothing pack of Marlboro Reds. Now you’re on your way to a great LSAT score and great style.