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Logical Reasonings

A) Here’s notorious legal education writer David Segal’s take on the number of LSAT test takers plummeting 16% last year. New York Times.

B) And here’s a response to Segal’s story by the always blunt Above the Law. Above the Law.

C) Remember how members of the American Bar Association, in the hopes of bringing some legitimacy back to the world of law school rankings, called for all law schools to report their graduates’ salaries? They changed their mind. Wall Street Journal.

D) “Fired” doesn’t rhyme with “orange,” but that’s what happened to more than a dozen employees of this law firm when they all showed up one day wearing shirts of that color. Sun-Sentinel.

E) Hurry and check out this picture of a shark giving a high-five before it becomes a tired meme. BuzzFeed.