Spend Your Last 2 Weekends Before the October LSAT Wisely

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    Today is Friday, September 21, and we are getting awfully close to the LSAT. If all goes according to plan, two weeks from tomorrow you’ll be doing the last logical reasoning questions, reading comp passages, and logic games of your life. There are only two weekends left before that happens. So how should you take advantage of these weekends? Well, by doing LSAT practice tests, for the most part.

    Many of you work or go to school full-time, so the only chance you may have to take full LSAT practice tests is on the weekend. It’s important you don’t squander these opportunities. Another big plus of taking an LSAT practice test on the weekend is that you can take it at the same time that you’ll take the actual test – at roughly 9:30 in the morning. The more your LSAT practice tests are like the real thing, the more normal the actual LSAT will feel. So take an LSAT practice test in the morning on both weekends to prepare for October 6.

    After taking your LSAT practice test, make sure you review it. A good thing about taking exams on the weekend is that you can go over them immediately afterwards. You can take a short break for lunch after you finish the test, but then dive right in to the review process. The sooner you do this, the more you’ll remember about why you liked wrong ACs, and you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes. If you wait a long time to review, you might be able to see why your AC was wrong, and why the right AC was right, but you won’t be able to remember what your thinking at the time was.

    If you need to, you should also use at least part of your weekend for rest. While it is extremely important to be doing plenty of practice, you shouldn’t burn yourself out, so if you’re busy during the week with work or school on top of LSAT practice, and then devote one of your weekend days to taking and reviewing a test, it’s OK to take the other day off to relax and unwind. Often the best thing for your LSAT score is to just take a day off.

    So use your weekends wisely, and keep up the hard work!

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