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Social life matters in law school.

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Here’s the thing about law school. You’re there to learn and build a solid ethical and knowledgeable foundation that will sustain a decade’s long career. But, if we’re being real, you’re also there to get to know people, to make friends, to schmooze even. The friends you make in law school — whether they are students, professors, or support staff — could have a direct impact on your job prospects after graduation. In law school, it’s both what you know, and who you know.

Current and recent students ranked University of Colorado at Boulder the top law school in the nation for social life. One class of 2016 graduate said, “People are easy to meet and hang out with. There is plenty to do at night! The faculty is accessible, and the class sizes are great.”

The key to law school is balance. Keep your social life healthy by making sure your academics come first. Fit in socializing in ways that make sense for your schedule. If there’s a lunchtime speaker that works better than an evening mixer, go to the speaker.

The University of Virginia Law School was ranked second. A Class of 2019 student said, “The students are brilliant and bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives to the table. The surrounding area includes numerous vineyards, breweries, excellent restaurants, a variety of outdoor activities, and numerous athletic events.”

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