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Six Reasons to be Thankful for the LSAT

Six reasons to give thanks for the LSAT on Thanksgiving day, from your friends at MostStronglySupported.

6. You get the unique experience of studying on tryptophan.

5. It provides redemption for a low GPA caused by all those undergraduate days you studied on tryptophan.

4. You can show up at the dinner table without fear of reprisal for personal hygiene neglect.

3. You now have use for the hundreds of number two pencils lying among the duct tape and matches in the kitchen drawer.

2. You can easily spot all football-related fallacies, including the claim that Randy Moss is a good wide receiver.

1. You can wow your family with information about Thurgood Marshall, oral traditions, and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

There you have it, MSS readers. Go easy on the red wine and don’t forget your LSAT study over the weekend – the December LSAT is just over two weeks away. Until Monday, Happy Thanksgiving!