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    A quick game of word association: I’ll say a word and you say (to your computer, tablet or phone’s screen, I guess) the first word that pops into your head. Ready? Let’s go.


    Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. What did you say? Beach? Barbecue? Vacation? Rachel Bilson’s indelible character from the early 2000s teen soap The O.C.? All wrong. Let’s try again.


    What’d you say this time? School? Labor Day? Earth, Wind, and Fire’s dance floor classic of the same name? Also wrong.

    If you’re reading this blog, odds are that summer means study time, and that September means the LSAT. That’s because you have a little less than three months before the LSAT comes around on September 16th, so it’s time to kick it into high gear and start studying. Plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of that exam, but it’s definitely a good idea to start studying sooner rather than later.

    Lucky for you, we have some great classes starting just this weekend for you to take the first steps on your path towards LSAT mastery. These classes will give you 112 hours of the best LSAT instruction on the market with the best LSAT instructors in the biz. These instructors take you step-by-step through each section of the LSAT, getting you prepared to crush the LSAT. You can take a deeper dive into our classroom experience here.

    And even though these classes start as early as this weekend, there’s still time to sign up! Below are a list of each class is starting in this next week, and a link to sign up.

    Los Angeles (Downtown): To start, our DTLA 2 course will begin on Sunday June 25th. Zach “Attack the LSAT” Pelchat will give his students all the proverbial ammunition required to destroy the exam. And our hosts at Southwestern Law School will give each student in this course free parking, free library use, free gym access, and fee waivers for the Southwestern application.

    Los Angeles (Westwood): On Tuesday, June 27, the UCLA Day 2 course will commence. This is one of the few courses we offer in which the classes take place during the afternoon, allowing you to knock class out early and take the rest of the day to enjoy the sun, beaches, and buds of West LA. Or to get more study time in. The venerable Nick McIntosh, who loves logic and learning but hates shoes, will teach this one.

    Los Angeles (USC): Across town, we’ll begin our USC course on Saturday, June 24th. Scott Redding, a man with more degrees than a hot September day, will guide you through all aspects of the LSAT in this course.

    Fullerton: Down past the Orange Curtain, our Fullerton summer course will begin this Saturday, June 24th. Students of this course will be in the caring hands of Chris Whyte, former rock journalist, current attorney, and forever LSAT champ.

    Irvine: Across the OC, we’ll also be starting our Irvine 2 course on Saturday, June 24th. The humble author of this post, Ross Rinehart, will teach that course.

    Berkeley: Way up north (that way), we’ll begin our Berkeley 2 course on Saturday, June 24th. This one is brought to you by Aaron Cohn, who took the LSAT on a lark and earned a 180, making him uniquely qualified to teach this test. A little too show-off-y, a little too erudite, you fear? Nah, Aaron creates one of the most inviting and welcoming LSAT classes there is.

    New York (Midtown): On the other side of the U.S., we’re also kicking off our New York Midtown course on Saturday, June 24th. This one is brought to you by the incomparable Brett Donaldson, a man who brings more sunshine into the classroom than July brings to a New York City street.

    So, make sure to sign up ASAP, because these LSAT courses are about to begin!

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