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September LSAT takers up ~20%

The LSAC has reported that 19.8% more test-takers took the September LSAT compared with the September test last year.  (60,000 compared with 50,000 in 2008).

What does that mean for you?  It means that there is going to be a larger pool of applicants for law schools, making every facet of your application more important.  Students will often come to me with a situation like this: they’re scoring 155 on a practice test, and the bottom 25th percentile for the school of their choice is 155, so they feel they only have to improve a bit.  Wrong.  To assure yourself admission at the school of your choice, you want to be in the 75th percentile range and have a stellar GPA.

Don’t stop improving your LSAT score when you’ve reached the point of viability for your target school(s).