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September 2022 Post-Test Reactions

  • by T. Jones
  • Sep 13, 2022
  • Law School Admissions, LSAT Recap, Post-LSAT
  • Reviewed by: Matt Riley

Well, it’s time: another LSAT has officially come and gone, and Blueprint Prep is back to break it down for you. We’d like to extend our sincere congratulations to every September test-taker—you survived an official LSAT! Back when the test was administered in person, test-takers sometimes received commemorative LSAC-branded pens or erasers. Now all you get are nightmares about conditional reasoning and (fingers crossed) stellar scores! With the test behind you, we hope you’re enjoying all that September has to offer: football season, pumpkin spice, and yeah, okay, the last few uncomfortably hot days of the year. Seriously, nobody deserves it more than you.

Breaking It Down: Reading Comprehension Is Getting Harder

First, the good: like the August test-takers, students taking the September test reported relatively few technical difficulties. Now, the bad: however, also like August test-takers, many September testers complained of difficult Reading Comprehension passages (boo). 

Specifically, students who took the version of the September test with two RC sections noted that while one of the sections was normal, the other felt extremely challenging. The passages on the harder section were described as conceptually dense, and, as a result, time-consuming. You heard it here: if you had two Reading Comprehension sections and you ran out of time on one of them, you’re definitely not alone. While we may never know which of those two sections was scored, Blueprint Prep can reiterate a point that we made last month: Reading Comprehension is getting harder, and it’s more important than ever to prepare adequately for this section!

This Year’s Testing Cycle and When You’ll Get Your Score

This year’s “testing cycle” runs through June 2023, but there are only three remaining LSAT administrations qualifying students for regular admission at (most) law schools next year: October, November, and January. The deadline to register for the October test has passed, but students have until the end of September to register for the November LSAT. 

The September score release date is September 28, and students who receive their scores that day will have around 24 hours to register for the November test if they decide to retake this fall.

Is Now Time to Start Applying to Law School? 

Remember, law school admissions are “rolling,” meaning that students are accepted throughout the year (even as more students continue to apply). As a result, it is generally beneficial to apply earlier rather than later in the admissions cycle. However, higher LSAT scores tend to outweigh the negative impacts of a later application. So, if you think you left points on the table in September and you’re aiming to apply this year, November is still a good option for you! 

For now, those of you planning on applying this year should continue to focus on getting the rest of your application materials together! There are transcripts to be ordered, personal statements to be written, and law schools to be toured. Blueprint Prep is here for you throughout every stage of your law school journey, and we hope to see you over at our admissions consulting headquarters soon! 

On that note, this month’s musical reference comes to you courtesy of Green Day: wake us up when September ends (so we can hear about your September LSAT scores).